Ridgeland HS on lockdown after illness spreads

RIDGELAND, SC (WTOC) - There is some breaking news coming out of Ridgeland, SC Friday night at Ridgeland High School.

About 250 people are on lockdown in the gym due to some sort of illness during the basketball game between Ridgeland High and Allendale - Fairfax. Sources in the gym and parents waiting outside say people started smelling an odor.  Someone got sick, possibly vomiting and with hives. Others became sick as well.

Not taking any chances, emergency crews moved in and locked down the school. Hazmat teams from Hilton Head and Bluffton are on the scene, but the process could take hours.  They are checking everyone in the gym, and releasing only five at a time to check them for symptoms.  A few have shown symptoms and have been sent to the decontamination tent hazmat has set up.  At least two people have been transported to the hospital.

Officials shut off the A/C heating system and the odor went away.

WTOC has crews are on the scene talking to parents and waiting for confirmation from law enforcement and others as to what the problem is, and how the people in the gym are doing. It is still unknown what the cause is.

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