Post Office open despite inclement weather

 COLUMBIA, SC (WCSC) - Despite the winter weather, all post offices will be open and mail carriers will be attempting safe delivery in South Carolina.

"Mail is an essential service, and customers depend upon us to deliver their important items, such as medicine, checks, letters and packages, in a timely fashion," said district manager Nick Rinaldi. "In order to ensure uninterrupted delivery, make sure to keep pathways and stairs clear, as well as all walkways and the approach to your mailbox free from snow and ice.  This will prevent injuries and allow postal employees to provide the best possible service, even in the worst weather."

The post service said they realize that customers desire to get their mail delivered consistently regardless the season.

"Mail delivery in rural areas and on private and secondary roads can be especially challenging for Rural Carriers due to snow removal not being as immediate as on primary roads.  Some carriers on these delivery routes utilize their own private vehicles and can get stuck or cannot access the mail boxes due to snow and ice build up.  Removing the snow from around these mail receptacles will definitely be appreciated", Rinaldi said.

Additionally, customers in rural areas can benefit from renting a Post Office box at their local Post Office. Post Office boxes, which can now be rented online at for 6 or 12 month periods, provide consistent delivery, even in inclement weather.