Gov. Sanford declares state of emergency in SC

COLUMBIA, SC (WCSC) - In view of hazardous weather conditions across the state, Gov. Mark Sanford today issued a State of Emergency in all 46 counties, effective immediately.

An Executive Order declaring a State of Emergency was issued because it will allow state and local officials maximum flexibility in clearing and treating roads, bring additional resources to the Department of Public Safety to assist stranded motorists and ensure that utilities have the greatest leeway in managing any possible power outages.

The expectation is that conditions will worsen as the day progresses, and for that reason it is essential that state and local workers charged with dealing with the storm's effects be given the greatest possible ability to do their jobs quickly and effectively.

"Given the current conditions throughout the state, I would urge the state's citizens to avoid all unnecessary travel," Sanford said. "I'd also thank the many state and local officials -- especially those at the Emergency Management Division, the Department of Transportation, and the Department of Public Safety -- working around the clock to assist stranded citizens, clear roads, and provide shelter to those most affected by the storm."

The Governor's Office is urging citizens to stay tuned to local media for updates on travel and weather conditions.