Man accused of supplying cocaine to ex-treasurer Ravenel, flees to Italy

Pasquale Pellicoro
Pasquale Pellicoro

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Less than a day after French courts have agreed to extradite a man back to South Carolina to face drug charges, he has fled to Italy.

According to French media outlets, 56-year-old Pasquale Pellicoro headed for the border Wednesday after a judge approved the extradition.

Pellicoro was supposed to come back to the United States to face allegations that he supplied cocaine to former state treasurer Thomas Ravenel. Ravenel was arrested in 2007.

The FBI says Pellicoro fled the U.S. after he was given a summons to court concerning Ravenel's charges.  Police caught Pellicoro in a small French town in October.

Pellicoro told a reporter he was very disappointed the French courts agreed to the extradition and he had no desire to place his fate in the American justice system.

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