West Ashley woman charged in Nigerian money scheme

Nina Meads
Nina Meads

WEST ASHLEY, SC (WCSC) - Charleston police have arrested a woman accused of taking money in a Nigerian scheme. Nina Meads is charged with obtaining goods under false pretences.

According to the incident report, Meads told police officers she had been taking a percentage of transactions she had been making since Dec. 2008, when she lost her job.

In October, 2010, police were alerted to a possible crime when contacted by an employee of the Bi-Lo grocery story on Sam Rittenberg Boulevard. The employee called police because six months prior she had been contacted by detectives about Meads and some suspicious activity. On this day, Meads had just completed a transaction in the store.

Upon arrival, Meads told officers that she had just sent her boyfriend, whom she met over the Internet, $1,000 in order to purchase an airline ticket to come to South Carolina. She said her boyfriend lives in Pennsylvania, but had been in Nigeria working.

Officers requested to see a money transfer made by Meads and she handed it over. The transfer was for $1,050 and showed that Meads used a different name on the money order for the recipient and the sender. She also signed the money order with a different name.

After a consent search, officers discovered two other money transfers in Mead's purse. Officers confronted Meads about her apparent lies, to which Meads began crying and said she now wanted to tell the truth. She then told officers that she did not cash checks, but was a third party who only got a cut from wire money transfers. Meads said she obtained the job after seeing an ad on Craig's List.

Meads was arrested and charged with obtaining goods under false pretences.

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