Coastal Conservation League takes cruise ship debate to YouTube

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) – The cruise line debate between the South Carolina Port Authority and the Coastal Conservation League just got more animated.

Adrienne Levy is the marketing director at the Coastal Conservation League and creator of a YouTube video that discusses the cruise ship industry in Charleston. The video touches on key issues the Coastal Conservation League has raised about cruise ships in Charleston.

"I've been wanting use the program for a while and explore with it," Levy said. "By the end of the day Monday, I had it up running. Tuesday we published it and here we are. That's the great thing about viral videos it doesn't take long to get your message out there. It's a really unique tool."

The video has been tweeted and shared on Facebook by many around the area.

"People I think interact more on social media and so you can really tell people are gaining support and learning more on social media than I think you can through traditional sources," Levy said.

Levy released two videos and both videos have a combined 600 views in less than 24 hours, but it's not all positive feedback.

"I'll never get those five minutes back," said Byron Miller, the SC Ports Authority Public Relations Director.

Miller regrets the time he took to watch the video and accounts for one of the 600 Youtube views for the video.

"Something can be cute, but it shouldn't make light of the very important benefit that the cruise business bring to working people here in Charleston," Miller said.

In surveys taken by the ports authority, Miller says 97 percent of first time visitors said they will return to Charleston.

"That's encouraging. Every time a ship is in, there are people that are working here on the dock that otherwise would not be working," Miller said. "And there are people working in hotels, restaurants and other places that benefit from this business."

According to Levy, the videos came out at a strategic time, right after the Charleston Neighborhood Association voted in support of local cruise standards.

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