10-year-old boy finds puppies dumped in drainage ditch

GEORGETOWN, SC (WCSC) - A 10-year-old boy found three puppies in a plastic bag dumped in a drainage ditch in Georgetown Saturday morning.

Officials at the Coastal Animal Rescue say the lab pups, two males and one female, are five weeks old. The three puppies, Hershey, Old Yeller and Jet, are now at a foster home.

Officials with Coastal Animal Rescue say they were contacted Saturday after 10-year-old Michael Hardwick found the pups stashed inside an opened white trash bag. Officials say the bag was in a flooded drainage ditch and that more puppies could have been inside of that bag. They fear other puppies may have crawled out of the bag and drowned.

"I'm just shocked that anyone would think of doing this. It's so easy to take them to the animal shelter now," said Pat Bryant. "There's so many people that would love to adopt dogs -- particularly puppies. It's just sad -- unbelievable that someone would sink that low."

Volunteers are offering a $1,000 reward for tips leading to the arrest of the person who abandoned them.

If you would like to adopt the puppies or make a donation for their care you can call (843) 685-2851.

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