What MLK day means to local children

CHARLESON, SC (WCSC) - Monday was a day on, not a day off for some area Lowcountry kids learning and remembering the legacy left behind by prominent civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

"He had a dream and he followed it. That's why he's important to us," said 5th grader Gracie Billinger.

"He wanted black girls and boys and white girls and boys to go to the same schools and be friends," Aniya Nelson said.

To commemorate the day, kids at an area children's museum spent the day participating in an MLK parade and drawing depictions of Dr. King.

"He talked about this dream of living in an equal world without injustice and being able to play together," Aiyanna Simmons said.

"He was a black man who walked across the nation for civil rights for blacks and whites to come together as one with no arguing and fussing," Kadeem Murray Porcher said.

Mary Smith, an employee of the museum, says Martin Luther King Day is always an important time for the museum to reflect in a way that kids will understand.

"I think everyone has a dream and this museum is usually closed Monday so we had it opened for the kids to remember Dr. Martin Luther King and remember special people in the past," Smith said.

"We talked about his life and legacy and giving back and serving his community and serving country," said parent Cal Morrisson.

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