New Berkeley County jail could open soon

By Alan Campbell

BERKELEY COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - The expansion of the Berkeley County jail was supposed to be completed last February, but it still is not ready to house inmates.

The project cost nearly $10 million and now residents in Berkeley County want to know when the jail will open. Last February, the jail didn't have approval to have the building occupied, because it didn't have a final approval from the Department of Corrections.

The project to expand the Berkeley County jail started two years ago. Work is still being done on its security and safety systems and a few minor details need to be fixed.

The new jail will add around 204 beds and will be able to house approximately 377 inmates. The old jail is approved for 154 beds, but currently is overcrowded.

From the outside, the jail looks to be complete, but Captain and Director of the Berkeley County Jail Cliff Mcelvogue, says people need to be patient and he said the jail is nearly complete.

"It's about 99 percent finished, but there is still some work to do on the outside, some on the inside," Mcelvogue said.

"It's a plus for the county we needed it for a long time," Mcelvogue said. "But people just need to be patient, sometime because its not like building a house, there's a lot that goes into this facility and it has to be right or else you pay for it down the road."

Once the minor construction is completed and approved, the new Berkeley County jail could open its doors in a few months.

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