Mother accused of homicide by child abuse gets public defender

RIDGEVILLE, SC (WCSC) - A mother who has been charged with homicide by child abuse signed up for a public defender on Wednesday.

Amber Lynn Bracci, 19, of Ridgeville was arrested and charged last Thursday in the death of her child, 16-month-old Rowan Bracci. If she is found guilty she will face 20 years to life in prison

Authorities say that Bracci hit her child a couple of days before finding the 16-month-old unresponsive. Additionally, Bracci admitted to smoking pot two times after she realized Rowan was unresponsive and before she called for help, according to investigators.

Earlier last week, before Amber Bracci was arrested on homicide by child abuse charges, she came to Live 5 to tell her story.

"I loved my son with all my heart," Bracci said. "I may not have been a perfect mother. There are things that I regret."

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