Summerville lottery winner takes home $200,000

COLUMBIA, SC  – Mom is always right.  At least a Summerville woman thinks so.  Her mom told her to buy a lottery ticket. The daughter did and won $200,000.

"I went straight to my mom's house to show her the ticket," the winner said.

Before long mom's living room looked like the scene of a family reunion. Pizza and wings were ordered and the ticket was being passed around like a newborn baby.  Mom ultimately ended up with her daughter's Stacks of Cash instant ticket and tucked it safely away in her purse.

The winner took time off from her job at MUSC to claim the prize in Columbia Thursday.  Her mom came too.

"I'm extremely excited," the winner told lottery officials.  "My mom has always been very lucky, and I think some of her luck has rubbed off on me."

The winner does not want to disclose her name but plans to share the winnings with her family.

As of this release, the $10 Stacks of Cash instant ticket has three more top prizes of $200,000 remaining in the game.  The odds of winning $200,000 are 1 in 960,000.

EZ Stop 2 in Summerville received $2,000.   Every retailer that sells a claimed ticket of $10,000 or more earns a 1 percent retailer commission, capped at $50,000.

Information from the South Carolina Education Lottery