Mix up puts kids in wrong car after school

CHARLESTON, SC - By Harve Jacobs  bio | email | Twitter

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Charleston County School District officials say they have put new measures in place for after school pickup at a West Ashley elementary school after two children were put in the wrong parent's car.

Krystal Snipe was waiting in the car line at Oakland Elementary School to pick up her 6-year-old son and 5-year-old daughter Wednesday afternoon. When her number was called out for the kids to come out of school, they didn't respond.

"They kept on calling on the walkie talkie. Nobody knows where they are," recalled Snipe.

She feared her children were kidnapped by a stranger.

"I wanted to die," Snipe said. "Everything was going. Like, what if they killed my kids? It could have been a sex offender or anything."

It turned out that Snipe's kids were picked up by a man whose car was ahead of her car in line. He was supposed to pick up his friend's children whom he had never met. He assumed Snipe's children were the ones he was supposed to get.

With Snipe's children in his car, the man ran some errands for his own kids. About 30 minutes later he recognized the children and realized they were Snipe's children.

"He called me and said 'I have your kids,' " Snipe said. "By the grace of God they are back with me because that was somebody I knew."

As a result of Wednesday's confusion, the school district is now requiring students to have a permanent number attached to their backpacks or book bags. Parents who pick up their kids will have the identical number inside their front windshield.

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