Police: Burglar caught in kitchen vent arrested again at skating rink

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Police say a man who was arrested last August after he was found in a Shoney's kitchen vent was arrested again Saturday morning. This time he was found attempting to steal an AC unit from a skating rink in North Charleston, according to authorities.

The North Charleston Police Department arrested Kevin Michael Harley over the weekend. It all started when the owner of the Stardust Skate Center on 2035 Spaulding Dr. went to the back of the business to investigate a motion sensor that went off.

According to authorities, when the man went to the back of the building he saw Harley inside one of his air conditioner units and in the process of cutting something. The owner said he ordered the suspect out of the AC unit, held the suspect at gun point and called police.

Once police were on scene, the suspect was arrested and a blue handle cutting tool was found concealed inside of his pants, a police report stated.

Harley was also arrested last August after he was found by authorities in a Shoney's kitchen vent. He was charged with second-degree burglary in that incident.

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