Woman helps others heal from domestic violence

CHARLESON , SC (WCSC) - More than 25 years ago, Elmire Raven faced the hurt and pain of physical abuse.

"It took being sent to the emergency room with nine x-rays of my head and face and I was out of work for a week," Raven said.

Raven says she learned the tell-tale signs of what to look out for while she was a sergeant on the police force.

"There was definite evidence of jealousy and controlling behavior so all the signs were there, but sometimes we make excuses," Raven said.

Twenty-two years ago, Raven turned her pain into a calling to help other women who are victims of abuse.

Raven is now the executive director of an organization called My Sister's House.

"We provide 24 hour a day shelter and a 24-hour crisis line with a multitude of other services, transportation and first month's rent," Raven said.

She says a lot of work with the legislative system has been done regarding the issue.

"We send them to jail, the sentences are stiffer, but I'm not sure what else can be done and a lot of victims have done the right things," Raven said.

In some cases of abuse, Raven has helped victims change their identity, relocate and even change their social status in order to not be found by an abuser.

Raven says the support and resources that My Sister's House offers is vital in curbing the very high statewide statistics.

For more information on the organization you can call 1-800-273-HOPE.

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