Downtown Charleston concert leads to disorderly conduct arrests

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) – A concert at the Music Farm resulted in three disorderly conduct arrests in downtown Charleston early Friday morning.

According to Charleston police, several altercations and public disturbances took place after a Thursday night concert featuring artists Juicy J and Twista at the Music Farm. The first incident occurred around 12:30 a.m. as police officers observed two males engaging in a heated exchange of words.

Police officers on scene described both males as highly energetic as they shouted obscenities, clenched their fists and waved their arms at one another. The two appeared to be ready to engage in a physical altercation as a large crowd watched on, a police report stated.

The first male offender, 30-year-old Micah Conner, was given several verbal commands by police to stop cursing and leave the area. He refused and was placed under arrest for disorderly conduct, according to police. The second offender, 25-year-old Matthew Heissenbuttle of James Island, who according to officers looked to be intoxicated and slurring his speech, was also placed under arrest for disorderly conduct.

The second incident happened at 1 a.m. Friday and began with two males pushing each other. Officers broke up the two male subjects and neither wanted to press charges against one another. One male left the area, but the second male said he wanted to return to the concert.

Three Music Farm bouncers told police that the man was causing problems inside the concert earlier and tried to start a fight with another person during the concert. They asked that he be placed on trespass notice for the night. Police officers explained to the subject that he could not go back in to the concert and he then became boisterous and belligerent, according to a report.

The subject, 22-year-old Adam Hauser of Mt. Pleasant, told police "I am going inside," and became louder as he began to make a scene. The subject then began ignoring officer commands and as a result was placed under arrest for disorderly conduct.

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