2 teens step in to stop deadly attack on 17-year-old

HENRIETTA, NY (CBS) - Two teens are being called heroes when they saved a stabbing victim while her attacker was slashing her with a knife.

Mustafa Said and Chris Patino, the good Samaritans, are both 16-year-old juniors at Rush Henrietta High School.

The two were shopping in Wegmans, a supermarket, when the incident happened and were shocked.

Patino said it was like something out of a horror movie.

"We see it's apparently a girl getting stabbed by another guy. I wasn't going to let a girl die before my eyes I had to do something," he said.

Meanwhile, Said attempted to get the knife away from the attacker, but was injured in the process.

He sustained multiple stab wounds to his hand when he grabbed at the knife, and said the victim, Nicole Bean, was screaming for her life.

Bean, also a teen at 17, suffered serious injuries. Police said she was stabbed in the eye, face and hand eight times.

Both young men said they weren't scared, probably because of adrenaline.

"Yeah, the adrenaline and we just care for people. I mean, we don't have that type of hate in our heart just to stand there and watch as a person gets stabbed to death. You had to react," Said said.

"I was just scared for me and the girl cause you know we were bleeding so much."

They said other customers saw the attack but appeared to be so surprised, they froze.

Police arrested Kevin Minemier, the suspect, and charged him with attempted murder.

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