N. Charleston officer says he swerved to miss deer before DUI arrest, wreck

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A North Charleston police officer arrested for DUI over the weekend was let go from his job on Monday.

According to a spokesperson for the North Charleston Police Department, 25-year-old Nicholas Lomma was driving his work vehicle when the incident happened.

Lomma was arrested Saturday morning just before 8 a.m. after South Carolina state troopers found him at the scene of a wreck. Lomma was driving a 2009 Ford Crown Victoria police car at the time of the crash.

The incident report says the trooper was working another accident when two North Charleston officers pulled up and asked if he had seen one of their patrol vehicles.

The officers were then able to find Lomma, who had apparently crashed his patrol car around 1:30 a.m. Lomma says he was driving when he swerved to miss a deer and he drove into a ditch.

The North Charleston Police Department announced Lomma's departure from the department Monday afternoon. Lomma had been employed with the department since June 2008.

Lomma's bail was posted at $1,000 and he was released from a Colleton County jail over the weekend.

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