Charleston couple reaches out to family in Egypt

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - One Egyptian-American couple in West Ashley couldn't reach family members who live in Cairo, Egypt on Sunday.

After violent riots broke out, Aya Khalil and Abdalrahman Algendy worried about their immediate family members living right in the center of the violence.

After the Internet was shut down, the couple couldn't talk to their brothers and sisters for days.

"It was very emotional because I didn't know if they were safe or not," Khalil said.

Algendy moved to America in 2008 and to Charleston in June 2010. He and his wife finally made contact with their families on Saturday after being in the dark for over three days.

Khalil's two cousins had been injured by rubber bullets in a riot, but had no life threatening injuries.

Abdalrahman, who is a doctor at MUSC, is considering going to Egypt next week to help those injured in the protests.

"I'm really seriously thinking about going back to Egypt and trying to see what I can do to help," he said. "There are a lot of injured people. I'm a doctor myself. I can help support the injured at least for a couple days and then come back to my work here."

The couple says they don't agree with the violence, but they are in full support of the protests in Egypt.

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