How state disability cuts will affect one Summerville family

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - Kim Kaskin-Couto has two sons that are disabled. Thirteen-month-old Thames Couto has brain injures and 11-year-old Landon Couto is moderately autistic.

"We were not even sure that he would make it and now he looks like a normal child and to us its an amazing accomplishment," Kaskin-Couto said.

Kaskin-Couto, like several parents with disabled children, is standing in solidarity against the South Carolina's medicaid cuts.

"With his brain injures if I don't catch it while he is young I may never get those vital years back," Kaskin-Couto said of her child's early therapy.

An area that will effect Kaskin-Couto's children, and thousands of others in the state, is the major trimming of the amount of therapy sessions allowed.

Currently, the agency allows more than 200 a year but, with the changes it will be reduced to 75.

Thames Kaskin-Couto currently receives physical, occupational and speech therapy several times a week.

"As a parent of an autistic child that was caught late in life I can see the differences that early intervention does with a child," Kaskin-Couto said.

Kaskin-Couto says her son Thames Couto has beaten most odds.

"If they take that away he is not going to look like your normal child and he is not going to thrive he is going to regress," Kaskin-Couto said.

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