iPad helping Lowcountry students get wired into learning

LADSON, SC (WCSC) - Students at one elementary school are forgetting the pad of paper and grabbing the iPad instead.

It's a new program at College Park Elementary School where students are using the technology in the classroom.

"Buzz. It shows you how to get the fractions. If you get it incorrect. Buzz. It does that," Kayla Pina said.

It sounds like a game and looks like a game, but educators say it could be a very important learning tool.

"I like physics the best because it tests your knowledge. They have one level where you have to guide the egg to the basket," Garrett Saunders said.

In one lesson, fifth graders from College Park Elementary School are using the iPad to research the history of immigrants and Ellis Island.

"I see the immigrants in old clothing. I noticed the men are the ones holding the trunks," student Brittani Dahlen said.

But there are many other subjects where students say there's an app for that.

"Sometimes we use it for math to work out problems, or use it for social studies for research," Hayden Prince said.
While the iPad is a very popular learning tool with the students, traditional methods such as the white board, smart board or textbooks are still a very important part of everyday learning.

"The iPad actually acts as a reinforcer to subject matter and helps me know if they actually understand it in the way they're playing games and what levels they're getting to," teacher Susan Denton said.

But when you ask students if they like the old way or new way of learning things.

"iPad. It's a lot quicker and easier. It gives us a lot more information," student Michael Delong said.

A high-tech interactive learning tool that's helping these students get wired into learning. The Berkeley County School District currently has four schools using iPads in classrooms.

They are College Park Elementary, Cross Elementary, Whitesville Elementary and Hanahan High.

The iPads were paid for with the district's technology funds. The district hopes in the future to expand the program and even put text books on the iPad tablet.

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