Parents, school officials discuss proposed changes to DD2 district lines

DORCHESTER COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - For some elementary school students in Dorchester District 2, going back to school next year means going to a brand new school altogether.

The opening of Joseph R. Pye Elementary School has sent district planners back to the drawing board, rearranging district lines. Tuesday night was the first public meeting on the proposed plan.

"I think we made the best with what we had," said Superintendent Joseph Pye. "I wish we could have more space to move more students."

The namesake of the new school, Joesph Pye, is talking about the district's plan and he's excited about.

"The people we're pulling from are from two top schools," Pye said. "So, two top schools are bound to spawn off a fantastic school."

The plan will move 325 students from Fort Dorchester and Oakbrook Elementary each. Spann Elementary will also contribute around 50 students after the lines are set in ink.

"We do think this is a good plan because we do not have to affect so many people," said community planning director Mike Windham. "And were not upsetting so many children."

Windham says the plan moves the least amount of students to the new school and it will allow the larger school, and their parents, a little relief.

"I think that once people get over the initial shock of the change, if they are changing, when they look at the plan then as a whole they'll understand that it will be the least impacted," said Dorchester parent Tracio Rourke. "There's only 738 students getting moved."

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