Thieves try to steal van from salvage lot, deputies investigate

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COLLETON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Colleton County Sheriff's Deputies are investigating the attempted theft of a van from an auto salvage lot in Colleton County.

The lot's owner, owner Anthony Sherrill, said he has been burglarized more than 10 times in 23 years. This time, thieves tried to steal an entire van from the auto salvage lot on Sidney's Road Thursday morning. The van got stuck in the mud and the suspects escaped on foot.

Sherrill wants a law passed to make potential scrap metal thieves think twice.

Sherrill's plan would require anyone who wants to sell to a scrap metal yard to have a business license. The law also would require scrap metal yard owners to hold the items for at least 24 hours, just in case it turns out they were stolen.

In addition to talking to lawmakers, Sherrill also hopes to get the support of Colleton County Sheriff George Malone.

Deputies were dusting for finger prints on the van during their investigation Thursday.

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