SC woman describes being caught in Egyptian revolution

Linda Burnside in Egypt
Linda Burnside in Egypt
Smoke rising from a burning fire truck (Source: Linda Burnside)
Smoke rising from a burning fire truck (Source: Linda Burnside)

By Stewart Moore - bio | email

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - The revolution in Egypt continues as hundreds of American citizens do their best to get out of the country. Linda Burnside lives in Columbia, and just left Egypt within the past two days.

The huge crowds and sometimes scary images we see on television and on the Internet from Egypt were outside the window and next door for Columbia resident Linda Burnside.
She was there, walking out of a major museum in Cairo, as the revolution began right in front of her. "As we were leaving, we noticed huge amounts of black smoke," said Burnside. "Looked like something from a car or tires burning. Just really black smoke."

That black smoke turned out to be a fire truck that was set ablaze. A day later, Linda and her nine friends were making there way down the Nile River on a boats, trying to continue their tour.

"We were basically able to see a few things along the way on the Nile and then they would not let us off the ship," said Burnside. "Things were bad pretty much all over Egypt. There were protests all over Egypt."

Never having felt threatened in Egypt before, a fear of being stuck set in when the group tried to flee the country. "We were on the ground and the pilot suddenly said we are not being allowed to leave," said Burnside. "That was a panicky moment."

"They love each other so much," continued Burnside. "They are peaceful people. When you see the demonstration, you don't get that sense for who the people really are. I think anytime you get 5 million people together the violence is going to escalate."

Finally, Linda and her group were able to hop on a flight from Cairo to Athens, Greece, taking one last shot of the smoke off in the distance from the Cairo airport. From Greece to Rome and Rome to New York City, Burnside says she just can't wait to get home with an incredible story to tell.

"I'm excited to be back in South Carolina soon," said Burnside.

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