Circus act to feed performers

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - "The Greatest Show on Earth" opened Thursday night in the Capital City.

WIS News 10's Judi Gatson got an exclusive look behind-the-scenes look earlier this week at where the cast and crew hang out before they put on the big show.

When the performers hit the center ring, they're ready to entertain. "Everybody in the show, no matter what they do - even if they're on the crew - they're masters at what they do," said Ringmaster Johnathan Lee Iverson, "It's like being in the all-star game."

"Just come into this magical world, and we're going to make you happy," said clown Miguel Angel Juan.

But it takes a lot to keep the crew on their game. "Well right now my Sioux chef here has some salmon on the grill, bake potatoes, coming up with the steaks in just a minute," said Executive Chef Michael Keith Vaughn.

They come to the pie car to refuel. Vaughn said managing his inventory is like a circus act. He stuffs what he can in the freezers and gets creative with storage. "As you can see we pack it in anyway we can," said Vaughn, "We have juices up here, lots of vegetables, lots of canned goods. We prefer frozen, but cans take up less space"

With a cast and crew of 350 from around the world, he has a lot of mouths to feed and different tastes to please. "So they can make special requests," said Vaughn, "Oh yes, yes, some of them do not hesitate to make special requests."

With a pie car that looks like a four-star kitchen, what's the hottest thing cooking? Vaughn said that answer is cheeseburgers.

Coming up at 11pm, WIS News 10 will have more from the circus with the ringmaster and some other top performers.

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