Sellers successful in buyer favored housing market

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Days after the Trident Association of Realtors released their residential market update, Rob Woodul is confident for the first time in the last few years.

"There's no better time right now to buy a home," says Woodul, Broker in Charge at Carolina One Real Estate.

It's a sales pitch everyone has heard before. Home prices are low, so it's time to buy. But early in 2011 the sales pitch might actually be gaining a foothold.

"2011 is going to be a year of cleansing," says Woodul. "The market is on a slow, steady climb in the right direction."

Numbers from the market update indicate sales are up by 5% from 2009. Sales have also increased by 3% in the same time span.

"I think 168 homes went under contract just last week," says Nathan Boynton.

Boynton is also a realtor at Carolina One. His enthusiasm is based on the recent history of the market.

"Usually January, February even the early part of March is typically the slowest part of the year," says Boynton. "So when you're seeing numbers like this, I think it's great."

Of the 168 homes to go under contract, Boynton concedes about forty percent were foreclosures or short sales. But the fact that homes are selling indicates people are no longer hanging onto their money and are starting to feel more confident.

Boynton is currently scouting Daniel Island for the Hildenbrand family. Steve, his wife Sarah and their two children live in Goose Creek. But with the housing market in their corner, their goal is a home on Daniel Island, a dream of theirs.

"Three years ago we would have never dreamed about being on Daniel Island," says Steve Hildenbrand. "That's our ideal location and right now it's affordable for us. I think we have the advantage as being the buyers right now. We have the pick of the litter."

Even though Woodul and Boynton agree that buyers still have the upper hand in the housing market. Houses are selling at a pace normally reserved for the spring months.

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