Authorities capture Most Wanted suspect

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Authorities captured Most Wanted suspect John Watson.

Watson, 48, was wanted on three counts of forgery. Investigators say Watson created counterfeit checks and passed them at banks on James Island and West of the Ashley.

"These checks were printed obviously on a computer somewhere or something like that, and we need to get Mr. Watson in here and talk with him," said Charleston Police Cpl. Fred Bowie.

Police say the total dollar amount of the phony checks was well over $1,000, and at least one of them was made to look like it came from the town of Mt. Pleasant.

"The check ended up being a fraudulent check. It was never documented by the city," Bowie said. "The checks are very well manufactured. We're wondering about that. They have the correct numbers on them and all of that, so the bank wouldn't be suspicious."

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