More jobs coming to Dorchester County as Showa Denko Carbon expands

ST. GEORGE, SC (WCSC) – Showa Denko Carbon is expanding its operation in Ridgeville and announced it will bring hundreds of new jobs to Dorchester County.

Governor Nikki Haley joined Dorchester county officials inside council chambers in St. George for the announcement.

"When a company expands in South Carolina, it's a celebration, because its commitment," Haley said Wednesday.

Showa Denko Carbon is a principal supplier of graphite products to the global steel industry and started operations in 1983. The company has operated its plant in Dorchester County since 1988 and supplies approximately 40 percent of the nation's large diameter, ultra-high-power graphite electrodes from its Ridgeville facility. The synthetic graphite is used for electric arc furnace steelmaking, but also for automotive friction materials.

Showa Denko Carbon will increase its plant's capacity by 68 percent and bring 100 new permanent jobs and 600 non-permanent jobs to the area. Construction will start later this year.

"Because our business has been successful and we see growing demand for high quality graphite electrodes, we have decided to expand within the overall framework of SDK's new medium term business plan – Pegasus.  We believe this decision will be good for our customers and the community," said Robert C. Whitten, president and CEO of Showa Denko Carbon Inc.

Showa Denko Carbon will expand its current operations in Dorchester County where the company produces premium graphite electrodes and granular graphite used by the steel and automotive supplier industries, respectively. The company expects the expansion will be completed by mid-2013.

"We congratulate Showa Denko on (Wednesday's) announcement and look forward to the company's increased presence in our state," Haley said. Improving South Carolina's business climate is a top priority for this administration. By lowering taxes and regulatory burdens for companies, both large and small, we can expect to attract more investments, like this one, that create jobs for South Carolinians," Haley said.

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