Woman concerned with mother’s treatment at hospital

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A local woman had concerns over her mother's care after her mother was treated at MUSC's emergency department with other patients.

Julia McConnell says her mother was in a room with five other patients and curtains for privacy. McConell says she rushed her mother to MUSC's emergency room seven days ago after she became severely ill.

Her mother is a patient at the Institute of Psychiatry, where she says she thought her mother would be transferred  following her treatment in the emergency room.

"What I thought would be a 24 hour process over there, turned into days. Every day she was there she in a hospital bed. Initially it wasn't a nice one.," says McConnell.

McConnell says her mother was kept in a room with six other patients in the emergency department because there was not enough room at the institute.

"The care she received in the beginning was not good. Until I stepped in and said this isn't working," McConnell said.

McConnell says she wants to see the same kind of care her mother usually gets from the institute while she is being held in the emergency department.

A spokesperson  from  MUSC said in a statement ,"Hospitals all over South Carolina are having the same problems finding places to keep mental health patients."

McConnells mother was moved into the Institute of Psychiatry on Tuesday. She says her advocating for her mother helped to get her into a hospital room.

McConnell says her mother is now comfortably being treated on the senior care level of the Institute for Psychiatry. The level has ten beds for the elderly suffering from mental health problems.

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