2 injured, 4 arrested after drug deal gone bad in North Charleston

Kevin Larone Ivery, Danielle Small and Jalann Williams
Kevin Larone Ivery, Danielle Small and Jalann Williams

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) – An attempted drug deal gone bad Thursday morning left two men injured and four people in jail after a triple shooting in North Charleston.

According to the Charleston County Sheriff's Office, the owner of a mobile home on Dunlap Street told authorities that her boyfriend, 22-year-old Kevin Ivery, received a call from a man identified as "D'Angelo."

The man said he wanted to pick up marijuana from the residence. Approximately two hours later, two black males later identified as Shawn Johnson, 16, and Jalann Williams, 18, arrived at the home and knocked on the door.

When Ivery's girlfriend, 24-year-old Danielle Smalls, answered the door around 12:30 a.m., Johnson and Williams allegedly pushed their way into the residence and headed towards one of the bedrooms. Small heard gunfire and took cover, according to authorities. After the gunfire stopped, Smalls ran out of the home and called for help.

Upon arrival, North Charleston police found Johnson by the back door with gunshot wounds to his left arm and right leg. Charleston County deputies were then notified that Williams had been taken to Roper Northwoods Hospital for treatment. Both men were transported to MUSC.

"It's messed up because I have kids over there too, that's why I came outside. I saw the police out here, I was sleeping when it happened, but it woke me up, all the commotion,"said Antone Nelson who lives in the area.

A former resident, Talisha Huckabee, says, "It's crazy to know that it happened seven doors down from where I used to live a week ago, yeah."

Williams was shot three times and Johnson was shot twice. Deputies searched the residence and found approximately 262 grams of marijuana, a glock 9 mm gun with three live rounds, a jacket and miscellaneous clothing , approximately 10 shell casings fired from a Glock hand gun. Investigators took photographs of several bullet holes throughout the residence.

According to investigators, Ivery said he heard a struggle after his girlfriend answered the door. He said that he saw a "shiny" gun waving and grabbed his two guns and exchanged gunfire with the suspects. According to deputies, Ivery stated that he is not allowed to possess guns because of a previous felony conviction.

Ivery also said he did not recognize nor could he give a description of the men that were in the home. Ivery had a laceration to his lip and a small injury to his hand.

Ivery was found in possession of a revolver. The gun was reported stolen by North Charleston police in August 2009. Ivery was arrested and transported to Charleston County Detention Center for unlawful possession of a firearm. He will have a bond court hearing at 2 p.m. Thursday.

Williams and Johnson were both charged with attempted murder and first degree burglary. Smalls will be charged with possession with intent to distribute marijuana.

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