Financial expert Dave Ramsey helps many with his debt message

NASHVILLE, TN (KAIT)- Dave Ramsey is the host of a radio show with over 4 million listeners and an author of books sold by the millions with one constant theme: helping you get out of debt.

"When we started the radio show and the Financial Peace University it was something good to do because it helped people and we figured out we could make a little bit of money doing it," Ramsey said. "But over the years it has gone from a good idea, to a job to a full blown calling."

The gospel according to Dave, a common sense approach to managing your money. After 17 years and thousands of calls and questions, the majority of his callers have the same problem.

"The one thing we've discovered more than anything else is that personal finance is about 80 percent behavior, it's only about 20 percent head knowledge," he says.

And one of the biggest challenges facing people today, credit cards.

According to Ramsey, "It's almost the poster child for the immature American that spends money on things they don't need to impress someone they don't really like."

If you catch Dave's energetic and down right fun show you know his first piece of advice is get a budget and be honest about it. Then, you can start his 7 baby steps here are the first two.

"Baby step one, get $1,000 in the bank right now. Have a garage sale if you have to. Baby step two, list your debts smallest to largest and start paying them off in that order. It's called the debt snowball," Ramsey said.

Traps along the way Dave says look out for negative people and don't get fooled by your own success.  Even when you gain some traction on your debt you still have a long way to go.

"It takes a while, and it's not easy," Ramsey said. "If it was easy, anybody could do it. Don't think that because you realize that light at the end of the tunnel isn't an oncoming train the fight's over."

That could take 15-17 years according to Ramsey. But if you follow the steps.. You can be debt free.

Furthermore Ramsey says, "Becoming wealthy isn't easy, but what happens is as you get better at controlling the person in your mirror becoming more wealthy and staying wealthy is easier. Because in the process of doing that you not only gain control of your money, but of yourself."

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