CCSD discusses job cuts, pay cuts, merging N. Charleston high schools

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The Charleston County School District is expecting a $28 million shortfall next school year. That shortfall got the Board of Trustees attention and now it is planning on making some changes.

The Board met Thursday night to discuss options to reduce the upcoming budget shortfall.

The three main points they presented all effect the budget in a positive way. First, the school district described how they would enforce a 6 percent salary reduction for all top level non-school administrators.

The second proposition would cut jobs in the district. Between 60 and 70 non-school based positions could be on the chopping block.

The last big change would be cutting operation costs by closings and reductions. The targets may include closing McNair's 6th Grade Academy, closing or relocating the science resource center and reducing program costs at Daniel Jenkins Academy.

The Board also discussed making changes to two underachieving high schools. The idea of combining Stall and North Charleston High Schools is on the table. The big reason for the push: both schools haven't shown progress in graduation rates, test scores and report cards in the past decade.

Options of combining the schools range from making Stall a senior high campus for juniors and seniors and making North Charleston strictly for freshman and sophomores. Or the Trustees can decide to do nothing at all.

Again at this point these are all recommendations that the board talked about Thursday and will continue to talk about to in conjunction with next year's projected budget woes.

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