Midlands student on his way to becoming a smart phone app mogul

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - There is a phone application for just about everything, including one for physics. But this one was created by a Midlands student, and it isn't his only one.

It's the future, and Dutch Fork High School senior Tyler Vincent is taking it by storm. "As you're doing homework, instead of going to a calculator, you'd go to your phone," said Vincent.

"This is a really good example of what's right about education,"s aid Barry Lindler.

Vincent, 18, created a physics application for Android phones. "The theory behind it is that since physics is more of setting up problems than solving them, the app would do the solving for them."

Vincent says it took about three months to create the program completely. Barry Lindler is proud of his student's accomplishment. "We gives the students every opportunity and if they'll grasp it, it takes them extremely far and Tyler has exhibited that," said Lindler.

Vincent is in the top 10 of his graduating class. He plans to major in mechanical engineering and attend either USC or Georgia Tech, depending on the scholarships he's offered.
When he's not doing homework or playing soccer, Vincent is working on other applications. "I actually created a chemistry app and combined those into a science app," he said.

Vincent doesn't know exactly what he'll do when he graduates from college, but he wants it to have meaning. "I would like to say I'd be important one day," he said. "Be a person that develops a lot of great things."

He's on the way, especially since he's making life a bit easier for his peers.

The physics app is available on the Android market under Vincent Programming. It's only $2.99, and Tyler gets all the proceeds from the sale of the app. So far about 500 people have downloaded it.

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