Lawmakers want schools to cut from the top down

CHALESTON, SC (WCSC) - State Rep. Wendell Gilliard and State Sen. Robert Ford will be introducing a resolution Thursday that is asking all school districts across the state to start from the top and go down when it comes to making cuts to the budget.

Gilliard says the highest paid employees in each school district should be considered before those making the lowest salaries.

These concerns come days after the Charleston County School Board voted to outsource the work of the current 86 custodial workers for the district next year.

School Superintendent Nancy McGinley says eliminating those jobs would save the District $900,000.

"We need to hear from the real people who do the job and make our jobs shine and the people that will be effected," Gilliard said.

During Monday's School Board meeting several recommendations were discussed in an effort to put a dent in the $28 million shortfall next school year.

Two of those recommendations include all-top level non-school administrators to take a 6 percent salary reduction.

Another possible measure is to cut between 60 and 70 non-school based positions. Both recommendations were deferred until the board has more information to vote.

"I would like to know if she had a meeting with the custodians. Did she communicate with them because from my standpoint she did not judging from the amount of phone calls we are getting up here in Columbia," Gilliard said.

Gilliard and Ford will be discussing their concerns regarding the custodians during the next joint delegation meeting February 28 at 6 p.m. The meeting will be held at the Palmetto Scholars Academy.

Gilliard is asking that McGinley, custodians currently working in the district and other staff be in attendance at the meeting.

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