Cab drivers upset over proposed amendment

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) -  A North Charleston committee is going over proposed changes including limiting the number of traffic violations to four.

If you want to be a cab driver, that would be stricter than the current law. If the amendments passes Thursday night, they will go up for vote before full council.

One cab driver says,"We help people who don't have cars get to school, doctor appointments, and work. The community appreciates us, but North Charleston doesn't."

Some cab drivers who don't want to be identified are upset about the strict rules and regulations from the City of North Charleston. They say every violation can cost around $200 and some violations are hard to avoid like keeping cabs free of dirt or trash.

"When it comes to clean and neat, there should be boundaries. We pick people up all day long and they have dirt and mud on their feet. You don't have time to clean off something someone left in the car,"says one cab driver."They give us a $200 fine for people leaving something in the car. That's not our fault."

One cab driver says she's been at the job for over 30 years, but she says she can't afford to pay the tickets.

She says,"We can't afford it and I feel bad for the public because they don't have a clue what we're going through."

Ryan Johnson with the City of North Charleston says police are in charge of looking out for violators of cab ordinances. He says as long as cab drivers are following the rules, they wont get tickets.

Cab drivers say there has to be a better way to regulate violations besides issuing  expensive tickets. The current taxi cab compliance ordinance has been in place since February 2009.

Some of the regulations include checking the background of drivers.

In order to receive a permit, a driver has to provide a SLED check, a written physical from a doctor and proof they're not on a registered sex offenders list.

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