Pageant queen receiving criticism for her other title -- teen mom

CHAPIN, SC (WIS) - A Midlands teenager has caused some controversy in her hometown. She's the new Miss Chapin High. It's a popular pageant for teen girls, but some people in town don't like the other title she has. The 17-year-old is also a mom to a one-year-old.

Critics said she sets a bad example for teenage girls and that other contestants were more deserving of the crown. Elizabeth says the reaction was immediate. "One of the girls' moms I heard she stood up in the crowd and said when I won, "I guess you gotta have a baby to win."' recounted Wright. "Why would you call that out? I would never say that about your daughter."

In an age when teen pregnancy is glamorized in mainstream media, we asked Miss Chapin high if she wanted to get pregnant. "Absolutely not!" she said. "My life plan before I had Marley was I was going to go to college and have fun. And be like 26, 27 and find that Mr. Right, marry him and have kids when I was like 30. But then I found a boyfriend and my life's changed a lot."

Her schedule consists of juggling school, work and getting Marley ready for bed. It's responsibility Elizabeth now balances with being Miss Chapin High.

The fallout also ends her dream to go further, competing for Miss South Carolina Teen USA. The rule says you cannot be a teen mother. "I personally think If I have a baby and I can't do a pageant, then if you've had sex you can't do a pageant, then If you're black, you can't do a pageant, if you're white you couldn't do a pageant," she said. "I think if we're going to critique one species of people for a pageant then we should critique all of them."

We asked Wright how she felt about the negative criticism. "I'm sorry for them," she said, "There's really no difference between their daughters and me. I could have named a bunch of girls up there that I know that had sex. I just got pregnant, and I took responsibility for what I did."

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