CBS reporter back to work after Grammy medical mishap

LOS ANGELES (CNN) - Nearly a week later, a reporter who suffered from symptoms that mimicked a stroke while on live TV is back to work.

Millions watched as CBS reporter Serene Branson began exhibiting symptoms of a medical condition as she reported on the Grammy Awards Sunday evening.

Branson's station immediately pulled her off the air and requested medical assistance.

Many worried Branson had suffered a stroke before their eyes. But tests conducted by Branson's doctor confirmed the reporter suffered a complex migraine, which can mimic those symptoms.

Branson talked about her medical emergency during a recent interview. She said she started to get a severe headache on Grammy night and began feeling very tired.

"And around 10 p.m. that night, I was sitting in the live truck with my field producer and the photographer, and I was starting to look at some of my notes," she said. "And I started to think, 'The words on the page are blurry.' And I could notice that my thoughts were not forming the way they normally do."

Branson went ahead with her live shot in order to get the news out to CBS viewers.

"As soon as I opened my mouth, I knew something was wrong," she said. "Having trouble rather remembering the word for Grammy. I knew what I wanted to say, but I didn't have the words to say it."

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