SEWE Stroll Spotlights Local Businesses

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The Southeastern Wildlife Expo kicked off in an entertaining fashion. But it's what happened after the sun went down that really got things rolling for local businesses in the Lowcountry.

Visitors and locals made their way up and down King Street on the SEWE Stroll. More than a dozen businesses were on the route and stayed open well past closing time to accommodate customers.

Matthew Bees owns Niche Interiors and couldn't have been more happy to keep his doors open to spread the word of his three month old business.

"SEWE brings so much to the economy in Charleston in just three days," says Bees. "It's amazing."

Bees held a bourbon tasting in the courtyard behind his store to give out-of-state customers a true southern experience. But the experience Bees is having during his first SEWE by far surpasses his expectations.

"With all the people visiting it's a great opportunity for businesses. Especially after the last few years."

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