Home Works: Lending A Helping Hand

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - It's the Extreme Makeover: Lowcountry Home Edition.  Hank Chardos started Home Works, a non-profit organization dedicated to fixing homes, in 1996 with the elderly and disadvantaged of the Lowcountry in mind.

Since its founding, Home Works has repaired more than 1,500 homes with the help of over 27,000 volunteers.

Today, the project is Mrs. Hamilton's house in West Ashley.  The project involves plumbing, replacing the roof, and painting.  These are all renovations that Mrs. Hamilton's house has desperately needed for years.  Along with helping the community, Chardos also wants to empower the youth that volunteer for the projects, by instilling the idea that there are people out there that are in desperate need of help.

The non-profit does have requirements for who it helps, however.  "We do not assist the working poor," says Mr. Chardos.  "We do not assist those that are unemployed.  We're assisting the neediest of the needy - those are the individuals that we want to help because they truly are without the ability to make very basic repairs to their homes."

Home Works receives money for its projects through donations and a $25 volunteer fee.  Mr. Hairdos' organization is so successful in the Lowcountry that the organization has spread to a majority of the southeast and now even to Peru.