Police: 42-year-old man suspected of several burglaries

DORCHESTER COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - The St. George Police Department says a 42-year-old man arrested on Sunday is suspected in as many as seven business burglaries.

Authorities say they arrested Christopher Mack after he was found hiding behind a trash can at the Four Sisters store early Sunday morning.

According to police, inside the trash can Mack was hiding in, burglary tools and some of the stolen cash were found.

Mack's roommate told investigators the tools belonged to him and were taken by the suspect. Mack was caught on surveillance cameras breaking into a coin changing machine at a car wash, according to police.

Police say shoe prints left at the scene matched the suspect's shoes.

The string of burglaries Mack is suspected of happened between June of last year and February of this year. Investigators say they have linked him to at least three burglaries.

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