Local maritime community saddened by Americans killed by pirates

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The local maritime community saddened by the news of four Americans killed by Somalian pirates.

The tragedy reminds local overseas travelers that the threat of pirates is still very real.

Over at the Sea School on Daniel Island, instructor Bryan Hobcroft says he helps students understand the dangers of pirates.

Teaching where they are most prominent and about the security measures to protect against them.

He says merchant mariners are required to have safety plans in case of an attack.

"The idea is to try to do as much as you can from being aware that someone's around your vessel, trying to prevent them from boarding your vessel and once they get on board what do you do then,"Sea School Instructor Bryan Hobcroft said."Do you go to a safe room? A compartment that locks down, shut the engines down, what's in the plan that best suits them."

The pirate attack off the coast of Somalia left the four Americans dead. The military says they were in negotiations with the pirates when the gunfire was heard on the yacht on Monday.

Together 19 pirates were involved in the hostage situation. Thirteen were arrested and others were killed or found dead.

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