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Andy Washington - Barber

I can honestly say that the information I receive from him through Closing the Gap in Healthcare has been very helpful. It's taught me to understand what health disparities are and how they affect African American people.  It's also helped me to understand the importance of maintaining a good diet, good nutrition and has made me an overall better person!

Victoria Widmer – Retired educator

As a retired school teacher, I'm very pleased with the educational aspect of his program (Closing the Gap in Healthcare).  When he's seen some of my former students, he directs them to share his health care information with their parents.  Dr. Bell has been my doctor for about 25 years. The information he provides is timely, he follows through and when necessary refers my care to other physicians for their opinions.  I am very comfortable with Dr. Bell and believe him to be proactive and very courteous!  And he never fails to ask about my family.

George Bush – Healthcare professional

As a medical social worker within the Trident area, you tend to run into individuals with misinformation relative to their own health and health issues in general and that in itself is a big gap. Closing the Gap in Healthcare has done an excellent job of dispelling myths about many health issues.  They do an excellent job in providing sound, relevant information that is greatly needed in our community.