Town adopts abused dog

WAGENER, SC (WIS) - A small Aiken County town has adopted an abused dog.

Wagener, South Carolina has 846 people, one stoplight and one town dog. "The only thing I think he'd bite is a biscuit," said Mayor Michael Miller.

Before he had a friend at his side and a collar on his neck, Buddy wore tethers to keep him from wandering off. Officers found him and say it was abuse. "Removed from the animal's neck was a hanger, cell phone cords, three shoelaces and also part of a clothesline, where you hang clothes," said Animal Control Officer Sam Ford.

In a slow-paced town, word travels fast -- all the way to the mayor. "It would have been a shame after that short miserable life if he had to be euthanized, only to be rescued," said Miller.

So now the man in charge of the town looks after a Rottweiler. Buddy is now the town's dog. "He's great, he's humble, not aggressive, just a puppy," said Miller. "I think maybe there were attempts to make him a mean bad dog, but it didn't work."

So what is in the job description for this top dog? Stop by Town Hall and find out. "If you want to see Buddy, you can see Buddy," said Miller. "We'll make arrangements for that."

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