Diligence involved in rescue of six people

WESTERN CARIBBEAN SEA (WECT) - The CGC Diligence was involved with the rescue of six people in the Western Caribbean Sea over the weekend.

The Diligence, which is docked in down times in downtown Wilmington, got a heads up that a Japanese Sailing Vessel, Pulchras III, activated its emergency position indicating radio beacon in the Serrana Bank in the Western Caribbean Sea on February 19th.

The Diligence worked with the Colombian Coast Guard to make its way toward the signal.  According to a news release, it appears the Pulchras had a navigational error and breached its hull.  The six people on the Catamaran transferred to the ships dingy while waiting for rescue.

After the rescue, the Diligence transferred the passengers to a Colombian Coast Guard vessel off of San Andres island.

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