Police stress owners to lock cars following recent break-ins

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The Charleston Police department is stressing the public to lock their car doors following break-ins from the past few weeks.

Sgt. Trevor Shelor released the following statement regarding the break-ins:

"In recent weeks there have been several reported incidents of thefts from vehicles and residential burglaries in the Peninsula. This week's vehicle break-ins seem more concentrated along upper Rutledge Avenue and mid-town, the burglaries were in the mid-town and East-Side areas.

While it is a given that everyone should lock their vehicle every time they park it, citizens in the peninsula and elsewhere are reminded that it only takes a moment to steal valuables from a vehicle, even if it is locked. Very often citizens leave valuable items in their car in full view. These include I-Pods, phones, cameras, GPS devices, and even laptop computers. Sometimes the attractive article appears to be a purse, but may only contain gym clothes. Some people store firearms in the glovebox or console (ill-advised). If a thief breaks the glass or otherwise forces entry because they saw something, they will then also find the firearm.
People seem more likely to remember to lock their car downtown than in the suburbs, but thieves are willing to break glass if they see something they want.
This philosophy extends to your home also. Several recent house burglaries have involved homes left unsecured, either as a matter of habit or accident. ALWAYS LOCK YOUR HOUSE DOORS AND WINDOWS, WHETHER YOU ARE HOME OR AWAY. Keep ground level blinds closed as well to deter "window-shopping".
If you see a pedestrian or other person spending time looking into vehicles, going down your neighbor's driveway or porch, or anything else that seems suspicious, DON'T WAIT. Call 911 to have an officer dispatched immedialtely."

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