Charleston Co. school district continues to look for budget solution

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The Charleston County school district is facing a big budget problem, a $28 million problem to be exact.

The school board is trying to figure out how and where to trim that much from the budget.

Finance Director Michael Bobby says that could mean 10 to 15 day furloughs for higher level employees, the loss of 60 to 70 administrative services positions and possibly paycuts.

He says the process is likely going to get much more painful before it gets any better. They are faced now with having to make cuts that they've been able to avoid for the last three to four years.

One area they are trying desperately to protect is the classroom. Bobby says they don't want to see drastic cuts to teachers in the classroom but when it comes to other areas and positions there are no guarantees.

The district is preparing several different budget plans for the board to consider. The school board has also voted to outsource the jobs of day porters to a private company.

Officials say that move could save $800,000. Day porters serve as head custodians in the schools. Regular janitorial staff has been outsourced for years.

School officials say they are working a deal where each of the 91 day porters who wants to continue working next year, will be allowed to but may have to do the same work for less pay.

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