School builds fake coyotes to keep geese away

RAYTOWN, MO (CNN) - An elementary school in Missouri is using an out-of-the-box approach to solve a messy problem.

School officials say the school grounds have been plagued for years with an excess of goose poop from wild geese who travel through during their migration.

So the school built plywood coyotes. Coyotes are the natural predator of geese.

Just to drive the point home, they put plastic bags in their mouths, to resemble geese.

The plan appears to be working.

"People have laughed when I tell them, and I just say 'Go check it out, you'll notice there are no geese running around on the playground anymore," said Travis Hux, assistant superintendent with the Raytown School District.

It's been working so well, the district says it's trying out the fake coyotes at other schools with the same problem.

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