Animal shelters face overcrowding following mistreatment, attack cases

(Photo: MGN)
(Photo: MGN)

JOHNS ISLAND, SC (WCSC) - The recent cases of dog attacks and mistreatment of animals have caused local shelters to be overcrowded with animals that aren't up for adoption.

Shelters were already taxed because of the hard economic times and many owners were not able to afford their pets. Now, the recent dog attacks have caused vicious animals to be added to overcrowded shelters until the court decides what to do with them.

"The biggest thing is innocent animals who by no fault of their own end up at the shelter and are turned away or not adopted because there's just not enough room," says Kay Hyman from the Charleston Animal Society."And that's what the problem is. Innocent animals will suffer because these animals are having to be housed because their owner was neglectful in their care. "

In one case that took place on Johns Island on Feb. 8, animal control say they took nine walker hounds and seven puppies from a home that authorities say they've been to before regarding mistreated animals.

In that case, owner David Spriggs was charged with ill treatment to animals and having more animals than allowed.

"Right now we are so overwhelmed. It's really difficult for us when we have these large amounts of animals," Hyman says of Lowcountry shelters.

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