Second round of cuts for the Charleston County School District

CHARLESTON,SC (WCSC) - With $6 million down and many more cuts to go, the Charleston County School Board got down to business Monday.

The first cuts during Monday's meeting were made on the administrative level.

"We focused on district level administrative areas not effecting the classroom. A reduction to an enforced 10-day furlough for 41 Administrators all non-school based will reduce their salaries almost 6 percent," said CFO Michael Bobby.

The board also adopted a reduction in staff at two administrative buildings and the restructuring of learning communities.

Come next year, the school district will no longer have a drivers ed program saving $800,000.

Another item that passed was a contract issuance for first year, retired, visiting international faculty and letter of agreement teachers .

"We are going to keep the very best if they are high performers we are going to offer them contracts to retain our best teachers," Bobby said.

An item brought back up during tonight's meeting were the day porters.

The board says they hope to do everything they can to make sure they are placed into a position with the outsourced company with the best wages and benefit packages.

Dwight Holmes who has been with the district for 27 years is unsure about the changes.

"I don't want to work for a contractor and get paid less then what I have I have not had a raise in nine years," Homes said.

"We do everything there are many hats that we wear in the district," said day porter Kim Zukowski.

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