Winthrop poll results show southerners unhappy with Obama

ROCK HILL, SC (WCSC) - The results are in from a recent Winthrop University poll showing southerners don't like where Washington is headed. The numbers don't paint a pretty picture when it comes to how voters feel about the President or congress.

Results from the Winthrop poll do not look good for those leading the federal government.

Fifty-one percent of all those polled disapprove of President Barack Obama's job performance, while 65 percent disapprove of how congress is doing its job.

The poll was conducted among those 18 years and older from 11 southern states. The poll used random digital dialing and wireless phone number sampling to produce its results.

A few notable results, Mike Huckabee received 21.9 percent of votes from probable Republican primary voters as the next GOP nominee for president.

Three out of four independents believe the country is headed in the wrong direction. That is about 75 percent, which is an increase of nearly 20 percent who voiced their dissatisfaction when Winthrop conducted their last poll in Nov. 2009.

The recent poll found nearly 64 percent of the 825 people who took the poll feel the country is headed in the wrong direction.

Among registered voters, Republicans, Democrats and Independents almost equally agree the number one problem facing the Nation is economic and financial crisis.

Out of the top three responses, 13 percent of Democrats mentioned education and 15 percent of Republicans mentioned the price of oil, gas and other energy issues, because of the recent unrest in the Mideast.

Thirty-seven percent of people living in the South feel the economic conditions in their region were very good or fairly good. That is compared to just 21 percent who characterized the Nations economy that way.

Nearly 40 percent of everyone surveyed are not very confident or confident at all with President Obama's ability to handle a threat to the US. Forty-five percent of Independents feel that way, and 62 percent of Republicans.

The telephone survey of 825 people in 11 states has a margin of error of plus / minus 3.4 percent, and was done from Feb. 21 to Feb. 28.

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