Curing your Facebook addiction with the 'Social Rehab Project'

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - It seems like everybody is on Facebook.  Those who are find themselves becoming more and more obsessed with posting status updates or uploading photos.

One Cincinnati couple decided to end their Facebook obsession as part of the "Social Rehab Project."

Scott and Jenn Sheridan decided they had to end their Facebook dependency.  She and Scott decided they were too addicted to the social networking site when they took a trip to China and Korea and instead of enjoying the experience, they spent hours on end trying to update their status.

"We're sharing all these pictures on Facebook and we were waiting on a "like" or a comment and we never really got one."  says Jenn.

What the couple did get was an idea; life without Facebook for 30 days.  The result was surprising to Jenn.

"I had a lot more lunches planned.  There's more to a physical connection or an emotional connection when its face to face."  Jenn told us.

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